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Kinds of Assistance That Can Aid Us to Age at Home


Upon reaching senior years, one of our greatest desires is to age at home and continue doing what we love and enjoy by ourselves or the people closest to our hearts. However, we need to overcome some challenges, especially concerning matters related to our health. At this point in our life, we’re not as strong or as healthy compared to our younger years. We may now need help doing the things we used to do with ease and confidence. Fortunately, these can be addressed, with the appropriate assistance, such as those provided by in-home care services in Texas. Read on to know some of the aid we can avail to help us age at home. 

  • Personal care
    We can ask for assistance from our loved ones or friends if we are experiencing difficulty doing things related to our body, movement, and hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, meal preparations, etc. Or, we may opt to avail of non-medical home care services such as personal care. 
  • Meal preparations
    Some of us older adults may find preparing healthy meals challenging. In this case, we may decide to share cooking with our friend(s) or arrange a potluck dinner with our friends. We can also opt to eat out and have the opportunity to visit other people. If getting out is difficult for us, we can avail of the services of meal delivery programs.
  • Housework
    If we need assistance with housework such as housecleaning, grocery shopping, washing the laundry, etc., we can hire cleaning services or ask people we know if they can suggest a housekeeper for us. Or we can avail of home health aide services like those offering live-in care.
  • Healthcare
    We can hire the services of caregivers such as home health aides if we forget to take our medications or if we’ve just been discharged from hospitals and still requires temporary nursing care. If we have difficulties remembering the doctor’s instructions, we can request someone to go with us when we see our physician. We can ask them to write down the things we need to do. If we go alone, we can request the physician to write all the directions.

Abundantly Living Home Care, your health is our priority. You can avail of excellent healthcare services delivered by our highly proficient healthcare professionals to aid you in keeping your health. Feel free to contact us and learn more about our services, such as our companion care in Pearland, Texas.

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