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The Wonders of the Healthy Connect Program


People face life-threatening consequences yearly owing to a lack of patient education and the fact that attending routine medical checkups and taking medications as prescribed is a challenge.

To address this gap, Harris Health System, which is the public healthcare provider in Harris County, has employed the “Healthy Connect Program”. So, what is it and how can the community benefit from it?

At Abundantly Living Home Care, we go above and beyond just providing in-home care services in Texas. We also see to it that we raise public awareness of information that could potentially help people’s lives.

Here are some vital facts about the Healthy Connect Program:

  • Healthy Connect uses low-tech phones and simple messaging to increase patient involvement. Because of its ease of use, this platform is especially valuable in the context of senior care.
  • Healthy Connect requires simply a phone that can send text messages; no Wi-Fi or smartphone is necessary.
  • Patients are not charged for their responses when prompted to provide information. Data, texting, and minutes are free for program participants.
  • For patients with Hypertension, for example, their provider may send texts or automated phone calls for medication reminders or to aid with a blood pressure reading. This also allows caregivers to track patients’ conditions with more accuracy.
  • Doctors can utilize a patient’s health information, which is gathered by the Remote Patient Monitoring Care Managers, for several purposes, from changing prescription dosages to suggesting life-saving interventions.

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